Keep Your Vehicle Pristine with BG Guard

Protecting your vehicle is both wise and gratifying. Here at Bokan Auto Center, we are excited to roll out our BG Guard line offering environmental protective solutions for our community of drivers. BG Guard is our new private label, originating with two impeccable products for seamless rustproofing, undercoating, and paintless dent repair. BG Guard Rustproofing coats and seals vehicles on a microscopic level, while BG Guard Paintless Dent Repair smooths your exterior, the two working together to keep your car, truck, or SUV model looking brand new. Our expert technicians will apply our products from the inside out on all makes and models, so ask our service advisors about following our BG Guard maintenance protocol for your vehicle!

BG Guard Rustproofing

Many things cause rust, including road de-icing chemicals such as magnesium chloride, high moisture levels, saltwater, and other metal reactions. We have the solution! Starting from the inside out, our BG Guard undercoating is applied to vehicle cavities on the trunk frame, doors, hood, panels, and fenders, as well as the underbody brake lines and floorboards. Our anti-corrosion BG Guard protection will prevent rust-causing electrolytes in contact with the metal and steel of your vehicle, strengthening the surface for complete confidence. Visit our Bokan service center to take advantage of BG Guard rustproofing for peace of mind in preserving your valued investment.

  • New cars, trucks and SUVs include a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty

  • Pre-owned vehicles 3 model years old or newer with 36k miles or less include a 7-year unlimited mileage warranty

  • Any vehicle may have undercoating applied with out any warranty

  • Warranty covers rust through on treated surfaces only

  • Commercial Vehicles have a surcharge. Vehicles with heavy duty plow over 8.6 ft, sanders or salters are not eligible for warranty

  • Municipality and fleet vehicles are not eligible for warranty

  • 2014 or Newer GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado all models are not eligible for warranty and frame coverage excluded

  • Under Carriage Wash surcharge includes removal of excessive dirt, debris, snow, slush, or ice (subject to inspection at drop off)

BG Guard Paintless Dent Repair

As we approach the surface, our BG Guard ProtectAll excels at protection against daily environmental wear and tear. The vast majority of dings on doors and dents are not caused by you, but by common occurrences like runaway shopping carts, sports being played nearby, falling tree limbs, hail, and car doors in parking lots. That is why BG Guard Paintless Dent Repair enhances your vehicle ownership experience. Our expert technicians use special tools and techniques to permanently remove minor dings and dents without the need for costly and timely body shop repairs. This seamless process requires no paint and will not harm your vehicle's finish. See below about what BG Guard ProtectAll covers you from and then contact us today!

 Interior Exterior
Food / DrinkBird Droppings 
Vomit / UrineRoad Salt
Pet StainsDe-Icing Agents
Baby MessesInsects 
CrayonsSun Exposure 
Topical OilsTree Sap 
Inks / DyesHard Water Etching 
LotionsAcid Rain 
GumIndustrial Fallout
MakeupDents / Dings 
 Nail PolishCracking Paint 
BloodPeeling Paint
Rips / Cuts / TearsLoss of Gloss 

Let Our Experts Help

Does your successful business require a professional look? You can use our BG Guard for rust on trucks to ensure your commercial transportation stays shielded from day-to-day stresses. Let our service advisors know your interest in our BG Guard sealed protection here at Bokan Auto Center. We look forward to keeping your set of wheels looking as good as it should for its entire lifetime. Schedule an appointment for a BG Guard protocol today!

Inquire About BG Guard Rust Proofing Or ProtectAll


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